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SEKEM is known as the expert in natural health-care products and being

embedded into the SEKEM Holding:

With a tight link to ISIS Organic, SEKEM was able to innovate the market.


SEKEM herbal teas are available in nearly every Pharmacy in Egypt and their customers appreciate the high quality and effectiveness of the products. The company has not been defined only by medicinal teas for a long time now, but its product range has been markedly expanded by innovative in-house developments and in-licensing agreements in the field of herbal medicines.


SEKEMs products are developed continuously and together with the research department of the Heliopolis University for Sustainable Development, in order to guarantee highest quality and highly effective, healthy products.

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Our Vision & Mission.

More than just a product.




Our Vision

Sustainable development towards a future where every human being can unfold his or her individual potential; where mankind is living together in social forms reflecting human dignity; and where all economic activity is conducted in accordance with ecological and ethical principles.




Our Mission

SEKEM markets natural organic medical  herbs  products in both local and global markets aiming to satisfy it's customer's needs for better human health, by produce the quality and effective medical herbs

Highest standards applied. From the very first day on.






From sourcing the raw material to storage. Production. Analyzing. We at SEKEM serve you with great, effective and tasty products with highest quality and safety standards.



We believe that it is very important to trust your product, vendor and partner. But we are all humans and humans do mistakes. Therefore we decided to make comprehensive and swift analyzes for each batch we produce, to ensure that any mistake which might happens, is found before the product ends up in the market.


Highest standards in the field of quality, safety, production and effectiveness are applied on all our products and production lines since the very first day.

Only the best is good enough for our consumers and clients.


Read more about our safety standards


Read an excerpt of our standards here

Human development and community building.


We believe that one person can do much, a bunch of people can do great and a community can do amazing.

Therefore our people are embedded into a community of over 1200 co-workers and the

company is embedded into the SEKEM Group of Companies. Visit the SEKEM Group.


Beside the community development, SEKEM strives for fair pricing schemes with its suppliers, following the guidelines of FairTrade, to ensure that each contributor of the value chain gets his fair share. Everyday.


Sustainable Development. Everyday a little bit more...


Sustainable Development is a often used term these days, even though it is often not really clear what it means. Let us explain you in a few words what sustainable, holistic development means for us.


By incorporating the four dimensions Economy, Societal Life, Cultural Life and Ecology, SEKEM ensures to not forget any part during the process. If we would, in example increase the amount of machinery within our production process, it may lead towards less man power required, as processes are highly automatized.  A great achievement looking from the economical dimension, but from the cultural and societal dimension the wrong way.


A quite complex task, but worth to do.


In order to keep the tasks, action points and targets top of mind, we've created a list of indicators, helping us to measure our performance and achievements. We serve you with a summary every year. Since 2007.











Read our report on sustainable development 2014

Cover of the report of sustainable development 2013 - SEKEM
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